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Stainless steel cleaning that’s scratch free and provides lasting protection

Stainless steel cleaning that brings your steel back to life

Neglected stainless steel will quickly become rusty, scratched, worn and stained, which doesn’t do much for its overall appearance. Professional stainless steel cleaning renews and restores your steel to make it look like new again.

Our specialised stainless steel cleaning techniques put the gleam and sparkle back into your stainless steel without any harsh scrubbing that can leave scratches. We only use the highest quality commercial standard products that provide long lasting protection against rust and wear.

We’ll clean, restore and polish stainless steel around your home, holiday house, residential apartments, office or commercial building. If it’s made from stainless steel, we’ll give it a new lease on life.

What can we clean?

  • Balustrades and handrails
  • Commercial and residential balconies
  • Pool areas
  • Boats – handrails, framework and propellers
  • Commercial lifts inside and out
  • Sculptures and monuments
  • Building fixtures

For a bit of maintenance…
Whilst stainless steel is a hardwearing material, it does succumb to the elements and suffers normal wear and tear. We’re happy to work out a stainless steel maintenance program for you to ensure your stainless steel remains polished and functional all the time.

What’s great about our stainless steel cleaning services?


We’re insured

We’re fully insured, licenced and accredited, so in the event that something unexpected happens, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


We’re professional

We have the right equipment and products to clean and maintain your property. We’re fast and efficient which saves you money and hassle

Stainless Steel Cleaning

We’re convenient

Our professional tools and techniques get the job done with minimal disruption to your day. You don’t even have to be on site while we work.

We also offer



We’ll service your locks and doors, key your house alike and install restricted key systems.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

We’ll handle the tough cleaning and maintenance jobs around your home or commercial property.

Security Surveys

Security Surveys

We’ll examine your current home or office security practices and recommend and install a suitable system.

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